Computer Security Services: Not Just for Companies Anymore
Computer Security Services:  Not Just for Companies Anymore

Education:  less than $50 per class

Take classes offered by Chris Murphy at Colorado Free University (, each costing less than $50 (especially if a member of CFU).  Classes are held that cover both Security and Privacy.  Learn about the threats, and the tools and techniques available to minimize potential damage.  Armed with the knowledge and the handouts, a user can implement the strategies on their own, or if needing assistance, can follow on with the consulting services below.

Security Practices Audit:  $150

Unlike many services provided to companies, MurphyCSS will NOT try to "attack" your defenses and give you a report as to what needs fixing.  Rather, working with the home user, we will look at fundamental security practices, identify areas that need attention, and then work to implement solutions.  This approach not only gives the user a better understanding of "why" things need to be addressed, but also how to self-maintain their security posture moving forward.  The final product is a detailed plan for the user to implement, addressing the specific areas of concern identified.

Data Privacy Audit:  $125

Similar to the Security Practices Audit, during the Privacy Audit areas of concern and mitigation strategies are discussed based on the home user's standard configuration, practices, and workflow.  In addition to recommending tools and techniques to help protect what is identified as a concern to the client, a series of workflows is documented to assist in maintaining the areas of privacy desired.

Targeted Services:  $75 per hour

Many times the client has implemented some measures of protection, or they have a strong knowledge of what is needed, perhaps having taken the Security and Privacy series at Colorado Free University.  In these cases, consulting services specific to the needs of the client are supplied, be they assistance in setting up tools, or establishing complex network infrastructure for the "Internet of Things."

Special Note:  MurphyCSS provides professional consulting services only.  While products may be recommended, the purchase of said products is the sole responsibility of the client, and the research of similar products is strongly encouraged so as to best fit the client's needs and budget.  All product warranties and guarantees are held by the providers and not MurphyCSS.

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